A Conversation with Purpose Economy Author, Imperative CEO Aaron Hurst


"Much of our work over the next few years as this new economy emerges is to build purpose-literacy so everyone really understands the science of purpose and how to harness it in their lives, organizations and communities." - Aaron Hurst, Purpose Economy

Have you ever asked yourself “what is my purpose?” Have you ever asked others what their purpose is? This is without a doubt one of the most important questions you will ask or get asked. My purpose becomes much simpler each time I connect with my culture, beliefs and values. I do believe that where you come from plays a pivotal role in who you become. But that is not all. One must walk the talk. 

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A Conversation with Author, Serial Entrepreneur & Creator of SunWater, Paul Polak

image(Photo credit: Ray Ng)

"If we learn to listen to poor people, understand the specific contexts in which they live and operate, and find ways to harness their entrepreneurial energy to increase their income, I have no doubt that at least 500 million families now surviving on less than a dollar a day will find practical ways to end their poverty within one generation" - Paul Polak, Out of Poverty. 

Paul Polak, is co-founder and CEO of Windhourse International, a for-profit social venture with the mission of inspiring and leading a revolution in how companies design, price, market and distribute products to benefit the 2.6 billion customers who live on less than $2 a day, author of "Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail," founder of D-Rev, a nonprofit that seeks “to create a design revolution by enlisting the best designers in the world to develop products and ideas that will benefit the 90% of the people on the earth who are poor, in order to help them earn a way out of poverty and mostly recognized for his work with Colorado-based non-profit International Development enterprises (iDE) dedicated to developing practical solutions that attack poverty at its roots. For the past 25 years, Paul has worked with thousands of farmers in countries around the world to help design and produce low-cost, income-generating products that have already moved 17 million people out of poverty.

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